Places of sale

During the years our major market has been Estonian market. Estonian market is about 60% of our turnover.

Biggest clients in Estonia are retail chains Selver, Coop, Maxima, Rimi, Prisma, Abc Supermarkets etc.

Also we have a strong HoReCa sector where we have around 160 active clients every week.

The biggest year for M.V.Wool to get into a picture abroad was 2010 when we built a new modern fish processing factory. That factory is now certified with IFS certification and that opened lots of doors for us to get into big export markets. Our Export makes around 40% of our turnover. And for coming years we are looking for a steady increase in that sector. Our biggest export countries so far have been Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Japan and Middle East. Our main products for export have been Salmon and Trout based fresh, salted or smoked products.