Our Story

Family business

We are proud to call M.V.Wool a 100% family owned company what is powered by three generation of family members.

Over the years our small family business have become one of the biggest and brightest fish companies in Estonia. We have over 150 employees and our turnover in 2017 was 23,7 million Euros.

Domestic market

During the years we have become on of the biggest player in Estonian market.
Products under our own brand M.V.Wool are sold in every major supermarket chain and in HoReCa sector.

Export Market

Our export markets are in France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Middle East, Japan and etc.
Biggest clients: Marine Harvest Japan, Aldi France, Coop Sweden, Coop Denmark, Tallink etc.

2010 – new factory for processing Salmon and Trout


First import from Norway and fist export client



First privately owned fish processor in Estonia after Soviet era, started 1988