Our story

1988 – early years

M.v.wool story

Our story began in 1988 when Mati Vetevool founded the Vihterpalu fishing association. The company’s goal was to supply local fish to local customers. The first product was marinated eel that was made according to Mati’s mother in law recipe in his home kitchen.

1994 – the name of our brand

Our story continues in 1994, when the name of the company was changed from Vihterpalu Kalastusühistu to M.V.Wool AS

There is also a deeper meaning behind the name M.V.Wool

M like Mati

V like Mati’s father Valdur

Wool like Vetevool that means water flow in English

1994 was the year that marked a big change to our company. We moved from the old farm house kitchen to a factory that was specially built for fish production.

1997 – goal – to grow into a successful company

In 1997, we reached a point where we had the opportunity to buy a full truck of Salmon from Leroy, one of Norway’s largest fish farmers. This purchase changed the course of our company and provided a basis for us to grow into a successful and long-term company. The previously used local fish was replaced by high quality fish caught from Norway, which made it possible to offer stability and high quality products to our clients. In addition to the domestic market, in 1997 we had our first export client, Aeroflot.

Today, salmon and trout products account for 75% of our turnover.

2010 – new modern production building

The year 2010 marks the next goal. This year we built a new modern factory in Harku that is focusing on salmon and trout products. Harku factory has an IFS certificate, which is the highest certificate given to the food industry. Also Harku Factory has ASC, Kosher and HACCP certificates. With the new factory, various export markets were opened for us, led by Japan, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and southern European countries. Our head office is located on the second floor of the Harku factory. Production and logistics facilities are on the first floor. In addition, there is a Mati’s Fish Store on the first floor where you can always find the freshest fish in town!

We are proud to call M.V.Wool a 100% family owned business that is powered by three generations of family members.

Over the years, our small family business has grown into one of the biggest and brightest fish companies in Estonia. We have a leading position of Salmon and Trout products in our domestic market. And we are looking forward to find new clients abroad to whom we can offer our high quality products and establish a long lasting and stable co-operation.

m.v.wool family