Cold Smoked Salmon

We have processed Cold Smoked Salmon since 1997. Since then we have used Norwegian salmon, beech wood for smoking and dry salting method for salting. These methods have allowed us to offer the best possible quality and taste for our clients around the world.

For our Cold Smoked Salmon products we use Norwegian salmon, dry salting method and Beech wood for smoking.

We are producing different sizes of sliced products as well whole fillets and portions.

Our sizes varies from 50g – 1000g sliced packs and 125g x 2 to 150g x 4 portion packs.

We can offer both frozen and fresh products. The shelf life for fresh product is 24 days and for frozen 365 days since processing. Our spiral freezers allow us to freeze the product as fast as possible to maintain the highest quality.

We can offer both private label and packs without labels, to meet the exact needs of our clients.